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Our founders are passionate about improving healthcare

Neolth was founded to increase access to holistic care

for patients living with chronic disease

Our mission is to make stress management a

standard of care lifestyle prescription

Katherine Grill, PhD

Dr. Grill (formerly Dr. Curtin) is a Behavioral Neuroscientist specializing in Integrative and Behavioral Health. She helps patients change their behavior to reduce their stress and improve their health. She focuses on the intersection of psychology and neurobiology, applying principles of neuroplasticity to behavior change management. She is experienced in direct patient-care, health program creation and clinical research. She is trained extensively in mind-body therapies and has additional degrees in Art Therapy and Psychology. Dr. Grill's favorite relaxation techniques are breathwork, guided imagery, painting, surfing, and spending time with her dog. 

Lukas Grill, MSc

Lukas Grill finished his Bachelor in Economics and his Master of Science in Engineering in Vienna, Austria. He joined the Project Management Office of an international supplier of intelligent road traffic telematic solutions at the company's headquarters in Vienna in 2012. He transferred to the North American office in 2014 and is responsible for delivering large scale IT projects on the west coast. His specialities are business development and IT project management, with years of experience in both fields. Lukas's favorite relaxation techniques are yoga, surfing, playing video games, listening to music, and spending time with his dog. 

Our advisors are leaders with expertise in healthcare, startups, AI and more

Claire Wheeler, MD, PhD

Dr. Wheeler has an MD with training in Integrative and Emergency Medicine as well as a PhD in Clinical Psychology. She had her own private practice, Mind-Body Medicine of Portland, where she provided integrative services. She is the author of 10 Simple Solutions to Stress. Dr. Wheeler is also a Professor at OHSU/PSU and has been a Faculty member at the Center for Mind-Body Medicine for nearly 20 years.

Mag. Herbert Grill (MBA)

Herbert Grill is an expert in finance. With a MBA degree, he worked in banking for over 40 years. Herbert was the Head of Finance at Erste Bank, one of the largest banks in Europe. His last position before retiring was the Senior Financial Advisor to the Board of Directors at Erste Bank.


Jay Srini is a Board Member at Pittsburgh Regional Health Initiative (PRHI), Advisory Board Member at Health Enterprise Partners, L.P, and Chief Strategist at SCS Ventures. She was formerly Chief Innovation Officer of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) Health Plan, Vice President of UPMC, Board Member of the Pennsylvania eHealth Initiative (PAeHI) and Board Member at HIMSS and Commissioner at  Certification Commission for Healthcare Information Technology (CCHIT).

Chia-ying Jackie Lee, PhD

Dr. Lee received her PhD from MIT in Computer Science as part of the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL).  She specializes in building machine learning algorithms. Previously the Lead Data Scientist at Virta Health, a startup using AI to personalize diabetes management plans for patients, Dr. Lee is now the Founder of her own startup, Silo. Silo is using AI to build transparent supply chains for farmers.

Tom Kosnik, PhD

Dr. Kosnik has been an entrepreneur and investor in Silicon Valley for 40 years. He was a Professor at Stanford University in their Department of Management Science and Engineering, is a Partner at FoundersX Ventures, and is an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Sapien Ventures. Dr. Kosnik is passionate about improving mental health care.

Florian Heinrich

Florian Heinrich has been working in software development for over 15 years - mainly in Vienna, Austria. His focus is currently on microservice and web development for large scaled IT projects, but he also has experience in developing software for small and medium sized businesses, project management and as a team leader. A family man, Florian spends his free time doing sports, professional development, listening to music, meeting friends and, of course, with his family.

Together with our partners, we're achieving our moonshot