The stress management you need today for a healthier tomorrow

Neolth is a digital platform that is giving wellness a scientific upgrade

     For patients

  • Learn about your stress and health

  • Get relaxation practices made by doctors

  • Track your progress and share with your doctor

     For providers

  • Prescribe Neolth to your patients

  • Show you take their stress seriously

  • Receive scientific progress reports each month

Neolth is used by

Oncologists    Psycho-oncologists    Pain Specialists     Physical Therapists   

Cardiologists    Integrative Practitioners    Pharmacists     Psychotherapists

Palliative Care Specialists    Primary Care Providers    And more

To support patients with

Cancer    Chronic Pain     Cardiac Conditions   

Fatigue    HIV    PCOS    Endometriosis

IBS    IBD    Migraines    And more

Healthcare providers love Neolth

Claire Wheeler, MD, PhD

With Neolth, physicians can have the satisfaction that they are giving stress its due by offering patients

credible, evidence-based approaches to mitigating its effects. Patients can have the motivation and

comfort of knowing that the stress that is very real to them every day is now something that

their physician cares about and most importantly, is prepared to treat.


Benefits for Patients

Reduce your stress

Manage your physical health symptoms 

Improve communication with your doctor

Get evidence-based practices created by doctors

Get personalized relaxation practices that work for you

Benefits for Providers

Made by doctors, Neolth is a platform you can trust

No extra work, easily integrated into your workflow

Improve communication with your patients

Give better care by taking stress seriously

Get reimbursed for monitoring



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