If your doctor doesn't use Neolth,

find one who does

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Digital visits possible with our Beam telemedicine providers

  • Video calls about starting Neolth or discussing your progress  

  • Medication management with Dr. Daniel Leng

  • More practitioners coming soon!

Daniel Leng, Pharm.D. RPh

Dr. Daniel Leng is a pharmacist specializing in patient care through a retail pharmacy setting. He completed his Pharm.D. at Rutgers University and has over 10 years of retail pharmacy experience. He currently works at a family owned independent pharmacy in Little Silver, New Jersey. His true passion at the pharmacy is helping patients manage complex medications and helping patients save money by navigating the complex healthcare system. He is available for telemedicine appointments on Beam for the following: drug price counseling, general medication guidance, and comprehensive medication list reviews.​​

*Patients don't need to download an app to have Beam telemedicine visits. Just register on the provider's beam web page (it takes 1 minute), and you will be texted instructions on how to schedule a video consult. More info at