Neolth featured in Forbes

Our Co-founder & CEO Dr. Katherine Grill was featured in this Forbes article for Neolth's innovative work improving student mental health. Grill was featured alongside the CEO of Bumble (the youngest female CEO to take a company public) and Discord. Congrats to these incredible women for their inspiring leadership!

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Neolth joins Headstream Program

Headstream, powered by the impact and innovation company SecondMuse, aims to shape the technologies that young people depend on as they grow up. These solutions are designed to positively impact Black, Indigenous, and Latinx youth of color, LGBTQIA+ youth, and the intersectionality of these identities. The Headstream Accelerator is supported by Pivotal Ventures, the innovation and incubation company created by Melinda Gates.

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Neolth wins People's Choice Award

Neolth won the 2020 Startup of the Year People's Choice Award for the Edtech Category for the company's work supporting student mental health.

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Neolth named Top 100 Company by SOTY

Neolth was selected as a Top 100 company for the 2020 Startup of the Year competition, as part of their 8th annual summit.

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Neolth CEO Selected for Visionary Voices

Neolth's CEO Dr. Katherine Grill was selected for All Raise's inaugural Visionary Voices Speakers Bureau. This program amplifies women's voices in tech and VC conversations. Through providing media opportunities, Visionary Voices promotes female and non-binary perspectives to support the importance of diversity in the tech industry.

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The Future of Health Tech

Neolth was featured in TechRepublic along companies like Pfizer and Moderna in this article about the future of health tech.

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Neolth Featured in Times Square

Neolth was featured on the Nasdaq Tower in Times Square in September 2020, to showcase the company's innovative work improving student mental health during COVID.

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Dr. Wheeler Publishes New Book

Neolth's CMO Dr. Claire Wheeler published her latest book with New Harbinger Publications, Pocket Therapy for Stress.

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Take Care of your Mental Health

Neolth was featured by Startup Health as part of their series describing how to take care of yourself during stressful times.

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Youth Advisory Board Members Named

Neolth announces the inaugural members of their youth advisory board. 13 students were selected from high schools and colleges such as Harvard, Yale, and Andover Academy.

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Neolth featured in Paper Bag Daily

Dr. Katherine Grill was interviewed by Paper Bag Daily about the company's work supporting student mental health during quarantine.

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Neolth named Top 100 Most Fundable Company

Neolth made the Top 100 list from Pepperdine University’s 2020 Most Fundable Companies competition. More than 4,500 early-stage US startups from across all 50 states vied for a space on the list, making it the most competitive year yet.

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Neolth selected for Techstars

Neolth was one of ten companies selected for the Techstars Iowa 2020 program, held in partnership with Grinnell College, University of Iowa and Iowa State University. Techstars is a prestigious accelerator that accepts less than 1% of startups.

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Neolth Launches Student Ambassador Program

In September 2020, Neolth launched their Student Ambassador Program to address the growing concern about student mental health. The company believes collaboration with students in essential to the success of school-based initiatives. The inaugural Ambassador class has over 100 students.

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Neolth Named for Innovation in Iowa

Neolth featured in Clay and Milk as one of the ten cohort companies in the inaugural Techstars Iowa cohort of 2020.

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Neolth CEO Featured on Diverse VC Podcast

Our CEO and Co-founder Dr. Katherine Grill was featured on the DiverseVC Podcast with host Alec Taylor! She spoke about how Neolth offers personalized emotional support and continuous mental health monitoring to students.

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Neolth Selected for Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center Milestone Makers Program

Neolth was one of 10 companies from around the world to be accepted the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center's Milestone Makers program as a COVID solution. The Summer 2020 Milestone Makers program (May - August 2020) is a COVID-19 solution focused cohort, which helps a select cohort of early-to-mid stage ambitious entrepreneurs set and achieve critical business milestones.

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Neolth Selected to Join AWS EdStart

Neolth was selected to join the AWS EdStart program in March 2020. This program is designed to help entrepreneurs build the next generation of online learning, analytics, and campus management solutions in the AWS Cloud. Through training, mentorship and more EdStart helps companies with innovative solutions for students, teachers, or administrators.

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Neolth Wins Techstars Award at SoGal Global Pitch Competition

SoGal Foundation saw 1,700 applications, hosted 25 regional rounds and heard 330 pitches as part of the largest global startup competition for early-stage women and other underrepresented founders. On February 29 2020, Neolth pitched at the Global Finals and received the Techstars Award.

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Neolth Participates in UCSF Innovation Ventures Course

From January - April 2020, Neolth participated in the UCSF Innovation Ventures Startup 101 course. This experiential, team-based class covered the topics important to starting a scalable, for profit commercial venture. Led by Stephanie Marrus, Startup 101 is the only Bay Area life science/healthcare entrepreneurship course.

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Neolth Selected as DOCSF Digital Dynamo

Neolth was selected as one of the five startups to exhibit and attend the Digital Orthopaedics Conference in San Francisco on January 11 and 12, 2020. Digital Dynamos are companies using forward-thinking technologies to optimize the inpatient, outpatient and operational aspects of patient care. 

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Neolth Wins SoGal SF Pitch Competition...Heads to Finals in Silicon Valley

In 2019 SoGal Foundation saw 1,700 applications, hosted 25 regional rounds and heard 330 pitches. After winning the San Francisco Regional pitch competition in November 2019, Neolth headed to Draper University to attend SoGal's three-day startup bootcamp and competed in the largest pitch competition for female founders.

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Neolth Awarded one of the Top Ten Reads on Health Innovation in 2019

Neolth’s article is featured by StartUp Health as one of the top ten most influential reads on health innovation in 2019, along with work by Jean Case, Esther Dyson, and Dr. Sanjay Gupta. Here's an excerpt: "To successfully combat the chronic disease epidemic, we must give patients emotional support for dealing with the stresses of being ill.” 

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Dr. Grill's Research: Behavioral Medicine for Chronic Disease Management

New research about using behavioral medicine for chronic disease management. Using the behavioral pharmacy model, fruit/vegetable intake, exercise, BMI, acute care utilization, depressive symptoms, and blood pressure were assessed.

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Neolth kicks off StartUp Health's Op-Ed Column

Written by our Founder and CEO Dr. Katherine Grill and Medical Advisor/Featured Practitioner Dr. Claire Wheeler, this piece discusses using stress management as a new prescription for chronic disease. Here's an excerpt: "Within the digital health field, we must ensure that we are not perpetuating the mind-body schism of medicine...To successfully combat the chronic disease epidemic, we must give patients emotional support for dealing with the stresses of being ill."

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Dr. Elizabeth Markle and Dr. Benjamin Emmert-Aronson, Founders of Open Source Wellness, become Inaugural Neolth Featured Practitioners

​We're excited to have Dr. Markle and Dr. Emmert-Aronson in our Neolth Featured Practitioner Program! Trained as clinical psychologists, after working at the San Francisco VA Drs. Markle and Emmert-Aronson founded Open Source Wellness (OSW). OSW is a non-profit located in Oakland, California that helps people improve their core health behaviors through behavioral coaching and community support. As Featured Practitioners, Dr. Markle's and Dr. Emmert-Aronson's relaxation practices will be included on Neolth's platform.

About the Drs.

Brain Scans

Neolth Featured in Startup Health Magazine as a 'Brainiac' Company

Our founder, Dr. Katherine Grill, was interviewed by StartUp Health about neuroscience and Neolth Inc. Here's an excerpt: “The greatest challenge about working in the brain health space is the unknown. We’ve made incredible advances over the past 30 years in the field of neuroscience, but we still have far to go. More research is needed, particularly in psychiatry, to understand the brain circuitry involved in medical conditions, how this changes over time and how this differs on an individual basis.”

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Dr. Claire Wheeler, Author of 10 Simple Solutions to Stress, becomes an Inaugural Neolth Featured Practitioner

We're excited to have Dr. Wheeler in our Neolth Featured Practitioner Program! Trained as both a physician and psychologist, Dr. Wheeler founded her own Integrative Medicine practice, is an Assistant Professor at OHSU/PSU and has been a Senior Faculty Member at the Center for Mind Body Medicine for 20 years. As a Featured Practitioner, Dr. Wheeler's relaxation practices will be included on Neolth's platform.

About Dr. Wheeler

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How to Use Stress Management to Take Control of your Health

We’ve all heard that stress is bad, but here’s why it’s worse than you think. Stress is a risk factor for the development of health conditions like heart disease, IBS, chronic pain, cancer, depression and more. Engaging in stress management helps you learn the skills of emotional awareness and self-regulation. When you are in control of your emotions, you can reduce symptoms of mental or chronic health conditions and you can prevent the onset of future illnesses.

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Leading Somatic Psychologist Dr. Albert Wong becomes an Inaugural Neolth Featured Practitioner

We are thrilled to announce that Dr. Albert Wong will be an inaugural member of Neolth's Featured Practitioners Program. This program showcases the work of providers who embody our value of improving health through the use of mind-body and lifestyle medicine. As part of this program, Dr Wong's featured relaxation practices will be included in the Neolth platform.

About Dr. Wong

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The 'Aha' Moment: Neolth Featured in Startup Health Magazine

Health Transformers from the newest companies in StartUp Health offer real talk on why they’ve chosen to solve the world’s most complex health challenges.

"I believe that in order to be a successful digital health company you need to put the patients first. In everything we do at Neolth – from choosing a business model to product design – we keep the patient in mind. When you have this patient-centered mindset, things start falling into place." - Dr. Katherine Grill, CEO & Co-founder

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Neolth Joins Startup Health

Neolth is excited to announce that we have joined Startup Health as one of their newest health transformer companies! Startup Health has been investing in entrepreneurs solving the biggest healthcare issues since 2011, including improving access to care and improving brain health. 

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Team Showcase: Dr. Claire Wheeler

Claire Wheeler, MD, PhD, is a physician and psychologist living in Portland, Oregon. Dr. Wheeler is now a faculty member at the OHSU/PSU School of Public Health in Portland, Oregon, where she teaches graduate and undergraduate classes in health behaviors, integrative medicine, and stress. She is the author of 10 Simple Solutions to Stress, and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Belly Fat Weight Loss as well as the “Head-to-Toe Happiness” blog on


Claire joins the Neolth team as a Medical Advisor to help with platform development and medical research.

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Dr. Grill Interviewed by LAMA about Neolth

LAMA, a professional journalist company based in Berlin, interviewed Dr. Grill about Neolth. Here's an excerpt, "Personalization is the future and that's why we use multiple wellness techniques and AI on our platform. We have a model that assesses where a patient is and then grows with them as they progress on their health journey, updating one's recommendations as the patient progresses."


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Emotional Health for Professionals: Dr. Grill Speaks about the Neuroscience of Emotions

Dr. Grill partnered with Supergirls and Expansive Voice Movement to give a talk about the brain activity associated with common emotional issues, like stress and anxiety. During this event, participants explored the importance of understanding emotions for vibrancy and wellbeing.

The event will took place on April 18, 2018 at 500 Startups in San Francisco.

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Dr. Grill's Research: Mindfulness as a Treatment for Chronic Pain & Anxiety

Dr. Grill (formerly Curtin) implemented a cross-sectional study to investigate the relationship between chronic musculoskeletal pain (CMP), anxiety and mindfulness. This work was published in the Scandinavian Journal of Pain. The scientific abstract can be found at the link below.

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