Behavioral Care Guided by Neuroscience

Take the guesswork out of behavioral health


Neolth de-escalates stress and health crises by using neuroscience to determine the most effective

behavioral care for students

     For Students

  • Learn skills to optimize resilience

  • Get behavioral practices made by doctors

  • Track your progress and changes in overall health

     For Schools

  • Provide remote care

  • Show you take their stress seriously

  • Receive scientific progress reports each month

From our users...

From our users...

Brilliant and much needed

Neolth bridges the gap in care for people affected by pain and physical illness

The whole process was very personalized and I felt supported in meeting my health goals

Customers love Neolth

Yunny Yip

Dean of Students, CIIS

Neolth is an amazing tool that helps students manage their stress

where their online practices become their regular routine.



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