Student Ambassador Program

in partnership with The World is Yours

Step into something bigger - join our community of students on a mission to improve mental health!

Neolth accepts students to the Ambassador Program on a rolling basis. 

The Student Ambassador Program is a leadership opportunity for students who are dedicated to advocating for improved mental health resources in schools



High school, undergraduate and graduate students passionate about student mental health



A nationwide network of private

and public high schools,

colleges and universities



Advocacy projects dedicated to improving access to mental health resources in schools

Ambassador Network

Advocacy Projects

School Outreach

Organizing virtual presentations in schools about advocating for the importance of mental health. 

Social Media

Raising awareness about the

importance of mental health

and decreasing stigma.

Body Positivity

Addressing body image stress by reducing shame, increasing 

self-love and body positivity.

Immigrant & First Gen

 Addressing the unique struggles that affect the mental health of immigrants and children of immigrants.


Led by Arbaaz Karim, The World is Yours is a student-run organization focused on youth suicide prevention. Arbaaz provides a leadership role by supporting the Student Ambassador Program.

From our community

Monique Quillopo

California State University, East Bay

I am thrilled to be a Neolth Ambassador because nothing is more honoring or rewarding than being able to help change the stigma around mental health and ensuring that students’ voices are heard. 

Samantha Lee

George Washington High School, CA

I am excited to be a Neolth Ambassador because Neolth is a game-changer, with the capability to support a more diverse group of individuals suffering from mental health issues. 

Lowell Polite

Seattle Central College

I am excited to be a Neolth Ambassador because it has offered me an opportunity to directly participate with a diverse community of students to work on something innovative, creative, and positive.


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