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Our Science


Our Scientific Leadership

Neolth is founded by neuroscientist Dr. Katherine Grill, so our evidence-base has been a priority since day one. In collaboration with Dr. Claire Wheeler, our CMO, and Dr. Jennifer Huberty - our Science Advisor and former Director of Science at Calm - Neolth is leading the way in research of digital mental health solutions for students and schools.

Neolth's Benefits


100% of students felt a reduction in stigma after 3 weeks

As measured with a 5-item Likert Scale

Experiencing stigma can prevent students from seeking help or caring for their mental health.


Decreased depression up to 18.1% after 8 weeks

As measured with the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale

Depression can negatively impact engagement and performance at school and beyond.


Reduced stress in just 5 logins, with 48.0% reduction in 12 weeks

As measured with the Perceived Stress Scale

Stress reduction can help students focus, relieve physical and mental health symptoms, and perform better in school.


Reduced anxiety up to 9.7% after 8 weeks

As measured with the Hospital Anxiety

and Depression Scale

Anxiety can severely impact social interactions, ability to participate in school, and one's confidence.

Blue Hair

87.0% of students said their school should offer Neolth

As measured in a dichotomous survey response

Engaging with Neolth 164 minutes per week on average, students are incorporating self-care into their daily routines.


Increased self-efficacy up to 7.6% after 8 weeks

As measured with the General

Self-efficacy Scale

Improved self-efficacy can make students more confident about their future and their ability to complete challenges. 

31.3% higher average satisfaction rating

compared to other mental health apps

As measured with 5 star system

Comparison data from Coe, 2021

Research with Thousands Shows Health Benefits


Evaluation of user satisfaction and usability of a mobile app for adolescent mental health

Implementation and evaluation of a mental health app for college students

Characteristics and Changes in Symptoms Among Users of a Digital Mental Health App for Students

Implementation and Evaluation of a Mental Health App with Comedy Content

University of Miami’s STEMSEL for Digital Mental Health Services

The university’s Media and Innovation Lab worked with digital mental health company Neolth on a platform that assesses students, then customizes curricula and suggests resources according to their mental health needs.

MIL pic.webp

Study Reveals Comedy, AI, and Self-Care Can Quickly Boost Patient Mental Health

"I loved the ComedyCures videos - great tips and ideas. I enjoyed the meditation practices, and the reminder to stay focused on the present instead of worrying about the future...I enjoyed using the Neolth app - it reminded me to stop and take care of myself and my anxiety." - Study Participant

Collaborate with Us

Call for industry/academic partnerships with Neolth 

Measurement of teen's mental health

The goal of this call is to find investigators who want to partner with industry leaders and need a tool for school based or after school interventions. Partner must have funding to pay for Neolth licensing and any other intervention funds necessary to implement their study. Neolth is open to academic partnerships that are related to the following scientific priorities: 

  1. Evaluate the impact of Neolth on mental health outcomes 

    1. Testing program efficacy 

    2. Exploring the optimal engagement with Neolth to improve health outcomes 

    3. Exploring mechanisms through which Neolth  improves mental health 

  2. Identify and evaluate the impact of integrating evidence-based behavioral strategies into the classroom 

    1. Testing program feasibility 

    2. Testing delivery models 

    3. Exploring the impact of Neolth on school culture and mental health stigma

    4. Exploring the impact of Neolth on classroom behavior, including academic outcomes 

  3. Evaluate the process and outcome measures in schools with Neolth 

    1. Process measures could include feasibility, dissemination, adherence, etc. 

    2. Outcomes measures could include behavior, self-efficacy, stigma, resilience, stress, anxiety, depression 

  4. Conducting trials that include comprehensive multi-modal measurements beyond self-report (e.g. neurophysiological, neural biomarkers) 

Example of prior successful research partnership: 

If you are interested in partnering with Neolth, you must submit a brief application to Neolth's science advisory will review applications and invite the strongest applicants to submit an official proposal. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

Investigators must have: 

  • A strong research team, including a statistician, with experience conducting behavioral research, preferably with mhealth interventions 

  • An affiliation with a US institution with an IRB that will approve the study 

  • Funding necessary to support licensing and the study costs 

  • Access to study participants, preferably through partnerships with K12 or HigherEd schools 

Questions can be directed to: 

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