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Our Story

The Founders


Neolth was founded by Katherine and Lukas Grill. Katherine began her career in psychiatric care as an Art Therapist. She went on to get her MA Biological Psychology and PhD in Behavioral Neuroscience. She worked at a pediatric hospital, where she conducted NIH research with teens and young adults. She also was a university professor and the co-founder of a community-based health program for youth. She recognized the need to improve access to care, so mental health support could be more affordable, convenient, and impactful.  

Katherine and Lukas moved to the Bay Area with the goal of using technology to as way to help as many people as possible. After exploring the digital health field, they discovered there were limited solutions that provided neuroscience-informed and youth-oriented care. Through combining Katherine’s expertise in clinical care and neuroscience with Lukas’s knowledge of engineering and business, Neolth was formed.

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The Company

Neolth is leveraging technology to make the world a better place by addressing the youth mental health crisis. Our self-guided technology provides preventative mental health support with seamless care escalation to millions of teens.


Our vision is to create systemic change in the delivery of mental health services, so they are more equitable and aligned with teen's preferences for care. Our model emphasizes prevention, education and stigma reduction so we can reach teens before the point of crisis.

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The Science

Each person is unique, and that’s reflected by differences in our brains. This concept, called neurodiversity, explains why people respond to diverse treatment techniques. So while mindfulness may be your go-to, creative art or guided imagery works better for someone else.


Neolth optimizes treatment matching by using neuroscience to determine the most effective behavioral technique. Our precision mental health approach helps you find the right treatment technique(s) in just minutes. After a brief personalization survey, you're matched with guided mental health content tailored to your needs.

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The Approach

At Neolth, we work in partnership with youth to create a digital platform that best suits their needs. Neolth was the first mental health app provider to develop a Student Advisory Council and Student Ambassador Program. Our program has been co-developed with over 400 students. We host regular design sessions with youth, as part of our commitment to constantly improve our platform.

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The Recognition

Neolth has consistently been recognized as a top youth mental health platform. The company has won numerous awards including being a winner of the 2022 UpLink Youth Mental Health Challenge by the World Economic Forum, in partnership with UNICEF and Salesforce, where they selected the top international solutions for youth mental health, their CEO was named to the Forbes 30 Under 30 list in the 2022 education category; winner of the 2021 Lyfebulb-Loyola University Chicago Public Health Innovation Challenge Grand Prize; 2021 & 2022 Timmy Finalist for Best Tech for Social Good in San Francisco; 2020 Startup of the Year EdTech award; Top 100 Startup in 2020 by SOTY; Top 100 company in 2020 by Pepperdine University; winner of the 2019 SoGal San Francisco Regional Pitch Competition and the 2020 SoGal Global Finals Pitch Competition, the largest pitch competition for female founders in the world. Neolth has been featured in many articles, including being recognized in Forbes  as a leading female founded company and was honored with a display on the Nasdaq Tower in Times Square in 2020. 

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