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Create a Culture of Mental Wellness

Neolth was built by education and health professionals, in partnership with over 400 students.

Our comprehensive solution includes three versions of Neolth:
      1. Self-Guided Student App
      2. Educator Platform
      3. Health Analytics Platform

Our Educator Platform allows you to use our ready-made lesson plans in and out of the classroom. With one click, you can complete transition activities during the day or assign curriculum to students for homework.

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  • Our browser version is accessible from any device

  • Access Neolth's practice library, which contains guided relaxation and SEL practices made by health professionals

  • Access Neolth's community section, which contains educational video series from health experts and stigma-reducing student stories

  • Use our pre-built lesson plans or design your own with the click of a button

  • Do whole-class activities, assign activities to students, and track students' completion rates

Educator Platform: How it Works

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Educator Table

Engaging, educational & evidence-based

  • Personalized relaxation and SEL practices made by clinicians, including breathing, meditation, creative art, CBT, guided imagery, present-moment mindfulness, and journaling

  • Educational videos made by clinicians about LGBTQ+ mental health, BIPOC mental health, managing academic pressure, substance use, and more

  • Video stories made by students about their real-world experiences with grief and loss, body image, academic pressure and more

  • Livestream community events with clinicians & students

When used in schools, Neolth has


Reduced stress up to 22.2% after 8 weeks and 39.8% after 12 weeks

As measured with the Perceived Stress Scale


Helped retain students, adding tuition revenue up to $1,395,744

As measured with the Healthy Minds Calculator

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CASEL Compliant

Using CASEL's Framework for Social-Emotional Learning, Neolth's practices and video content meet nationally recognized standards for SEL instruction. 


CASEL recognizes five competencies for social-emotional learning:

  • Self-Awareness

  • Self-Management

  • Social Awareness

  • Relationship Skills

  • Responsible Decision-Making

Our pre-built lesson plans each address at least one competency per lesson, making it quick and easy to meet your school's SEL curriculum standards with no extra work required.

Evidence-based Standards

School interventions are required to be evidence-based. With help from our university and research partners, Neolth has conducted quasi-experimental studies and has an RCT underway. This means Neolth is qualified for Tier 1 - the highest evidence base - under ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act).


100% of students felt a reduction in stigma after 3 weeks

As measured with a 5-item Likert Scale

Experiencing stigma can prevent students from seeking help or caring for their mental health.


Decreased depression up to 18.1% after 8 weeks

As measured with the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale

Depression can negatively impact engagement and performance at school and beyond.


Reduced stress up to 22.2% after 8 weeks and 48.0% after 12 weeks

As measured with the Perceived Stress Scale

Stress reduction can help students focus, relieve physical and mental health symptoms, and perform better in school.


Reduced anxiety up to 9.7% after 8 weeks

As measured with the Hospital Anxiety

and Depression Scale

Anxiety can severely impact social interactions, ability to participate in school, and one's confidence.


87.0% of students said their school should offer Neolth

As measured in a dichotomous survey response

Engaging with Neolth 164 minutes per week on average, students are incorporating self-care into their daily routines.


Increased self-efficacy up to 7.6% after 8 weeks

As measured with the General

Self-efficacy Scale

Improved self-efficacy can make students more confident about their future and their ability to complete challenges. 

Schools love Neolth


Scottye Cash

Professor, Ohio State University

Neolth sets the standard for an app that supports young people in their wellness journey.


Yunny Yip

Dean of Students, CIIS

Neolth is an amazing tool that helps students manage their stress where their online practices become their regular routine.

Terry Mason

Dean for Health and Wellness,
Grinnell College

I would encourage any student who is experiencing stress and anxiety to try this app out as a part of stepped model of care. It’s a terrific resource!

Mason, Terry.jpg

Enhanced Benefits with our Student App!

Our Educator Platform can be used in combination with our Self-guided Student

App, so they can have access to activities and curriculum outside of the 

classroom. Our Student App helps them:

  • Build resilience with our personalized relaxation and SEL practices

  • Increase emotional awareness with our health tracking

  • Learn about mental health with our expert advice videos

  • Reduce stigma with our student stories video series

  • Develop a sense of belonging with our livestream community events

  • Feel safe with our real-time referral to crisis care


We have options for every school!
Mental health is personal. We tailor each plan for the specific needs of your school.

Learn how Neolth can help you

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